Within the framework of keenness of the National Oil Corporation to keep up with developments and new technologies in all areas of oil and gas industry, a symposium was held on Wednesday 08.05.2013 in the hall of ” The Martyr Milad Hadood” to display the most modern techniques of oil and gas industry provided by the Company (UOP) in collaboration with RIDA.TS company.

The seminar was attended by Dr. Adel Ahmed Attaweel, the director of the manufacturing management in the national Foundation and Mr. Dr. Mohammed Al Loob, the head of the committee preparing the general plan for the development of the manufacturing sector, in addition to a number of officials, experts and specialists in the field of oil and gas industry of the national oil company.

The Director of the manufacturing management inaugurated the symposium by a speech in which he stressed on the fact that the Ministry of Oil and Gas and the National Oil Corporation are seeking to keep up specialists in its companies with the latest technologies applied in the field of oil and gas by inviting international companies to come and display technologies or dispatch specialists in external missions for a rehabilitation and a training in the latest technologies and modern equipment, this is as part of a plan for rehabilitating national cadres and localizing new technologies  in the companies of manufacturing oil and gas sector.

During the seminar, the team members of the (UOP) company presented a visual presentation explaining the company’s latest techniques in the field of oil and gas industry.

There was also a discussion in many themes during the show related to recent developments in the refining and petrochemical industry and technical services provided by the company in this aspect. The program of the symposium included a panel discussion between specialists from (UOP) company and specialists from the oil sector companies and the national gas.