Ridats: Associated with Quality


RIDA T. S., based on long time experience and powered by its world wide partners in engineering, manufacturing, procurement, installation, and maintenance, has strengthened its services in the sectors of oil and gas, refinery and petrochemical plants, marine, water, and power for our local market.

Started in 90`s and being active over 10 years now in the same field we have gained experience and acceptance by clients.

RIDA T.S. is active in various fields we can proudly say that we have developed our company and the engineers over the years being the experts in the field of ultrasonic flow meters and complete metering packages for general metering and even more for custody applications in the oil and gas field.

Joint-ventures with our international associates, engineering experts and manufacturers led to much diversity of projects in Libya. A success enhanced clients’ trust and satisfaction. The RIDA team of experts is providing outstanding services and reliability.

We offer:

Surveys and studies,
Project management,
Training installation and Maintenance

for the following applications and technology: